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Health Share Plans do not offer any first dollar coverage for office visits. This means every time you or your kids need to visit a doctor, you will be out pocket on average $150 – $300 for that visit. Our program allows you to call a doctor 24/7.

Health Share Plans do not cover monthly prescriptions. Our plan provides you with a 3-tier co-pay drug card. You can talk to a doctor for free, who can also prescribe you a medication. You can then use the SHA drug card to get your prescription filled for a low co-pay

Health Share Plans require a deductible to be met each time a medical event happens. The SHA programs give you access to primary care, specialists, urgent care and much more at a low coapy.

Health Share Plans do not offer dental or vision programs. The SHA plan provides you with the option to enroll in Healthy Essentials, our combined dental and vision program.

We follow the ACA guidelines for preventive care. Click here for more information.

Choosing the right HSM for your family is a personal decision. Your agent may be able to give you some insight based on personal experience, but we recommend visiting their websites and reading their guidelines thoroughly. The founders of SHA are both HSM members and would be happy to share their personal experience. You can read more about that at

Absolutely. Our program was designed to work with any Health Share program. When you go to our enrollment portal, you are only enrolling in the SHA plan and all of our programs will help cover gaps in health share programs.

Absolutely. Our history was acting as a wholesaler for insurance agents. We know that insurance companies have reduced broker compensation and have made it difficult for brokers / agents to help solve their clients’ needs. We are excited to offer a solution to insurance agents to help them meet the needs of their Christian clients and provide an equitable compensation package.

You can call a doctor 24/7 for free. All of our plans include a fully insured co-pay drug card and cover preventive care. We have plans that give you access to primary care doctors, specialists, urgent care, diagnostics, labs and imaging for a just a copay.

Your member ID card will be mailed to you within 15 business days. If you do not receive an ID card by your effective date, please contact our administrator at 866-826-5317.
No. We are a company with an insurance and employee benefit background that rounds out the missing pieces of the health share programs.

No. SHA benefits can also compliment high deductible health plans and Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plans. Conversely, you do not have to join Shared Health Alliance to access a Heath Share Plan. You will however, go without benefits that are included in most health plans.

Yes. The credit is different with each Health Share Program.

For starters, they had to be in the year 1999 or prior AND sharing in Medical Expense. They also have to meet these requirements. See Here

Yes. Medical Cost Sharing is one organization we would not recommend.
First off, they were not established as a non-profit entity until 2013. Under the Federal requirements, you would be subject to a penalty under their program. Secondly, during our discussions with them, their leadership constantly looked for ways to avoid reimbursing a claim. Thirdly, at time of this writing, they had less than 500 active participants.

No. When you enroll in our plan, you just pay for our programs and benefits. You will be billed separately by the Health Share Program, but the combined total should be equal to or close to the total illustrated on our website.
We have had members save as much as $1,000 per month for their family health care costs and lower their out of pocket or deductible by over $2,000. We would expect most people to save between 40 and 60 percent off their current premium costs with both the SHA and Health Share Prgrams combined.

We would not ever suggest you in enroll in Medical Cost Sharing.

Health Sharing has been around since 1981. It continues to grow as Health Insurance premiums keep escalating.

Our program includes insurance and non-insurance benefits alike. Only insurance agents can be paid on the insurance portion of the program, but non licensed people can be paid a fee from the non-insurance products. That fee is less than the insurance agents, but does create a residual monthly income to participants.

Email us your questions here. We are a web-based solution to keep the cost of our program down. We will respond to your question via email or add it to our FAQ page and let you know your question has been added.
We have a longstanding insurance background and worked with our previous contacts to develop a program that would work great for health share participants. As membership grows, we will be able to continually enhance the benefits offered.